Bring show-off to the next level!

Hyvää Joulua kaikille, underios!

For this special month, I will review one of my sexy swimwear collections. Since I spent my christmas day alone at my home, so I decided to make a new video for the review. I have not worn this swimwear anywhere, probably I will wear on summer time next year. Hopefully I can get enough attention during summer 🙂

This sheer swimwear is very transparent when it is wet. People can really see what underneath the swimwear instantly. I would say that the sheer rating is 9/10. Moreover, the low waist model is so amazing, it will expose your pubic hair very well.

I detached the string from the swimwear since I assume (by now) that the waist band is strong enough without the waist string. My analysis of “the underwear is OK without string” is based on the wet condition analysis where the underwear is quite hard to be taken off when it is wet. Even your friend is not easily take your swimwear off if they wanna play a prank on you.

Below are my three review videos, I hope you enjoy them. If you want to contact me just leave me message in here. I am open for any invitation and any other live interaction if you are interested.

Due to too many holidays, my body is a bit out of shape, I hope you understand 😉 Also when laziness hits me, I am kinda drift away.

Dry condition review

Wet condition review

Review in the sauna

Pump! it up..

Heippa underios!

Several months ago, I received an offer to review an certain brand of underwear that I already have. While I was considering whether I took the offer or not, I have made on trial video to see how good it is. However, the offer is not so in line with my mission and vision of my blog, so sadly I have to ditch the offer. Since I have made the video, so I think it is not so wise if I just delete the video. Thus, I will make my personal review and post the video here.

The underwear brand PUMP! is so familiar for us, the underwear lovers. The color choice is so matching that it gives modest but bold impression. This kind of style attracts attention while still maintains manly impression for the wearer.


There are several colors that can be chosen from this style and I have to say that all the colors are carefully chosen and give its own vibrant taste. Personally, I like softer color like this blue.


Unexpectedly, the design of penis pouch is so soft and somehow it is different with any other underwear that I have tried. It does not give so much curve because it does not tightly embrace your penis, but it is not too loose that your penis can uncomfortably slide here and there. From daily point of view, this underwear is so perfect for everyday use.



The material is a little bit stretching which makes it so sexy on the back side. The stitching is very good, the waist band is perfectly placed and the material has good quality as well.


Let’s just go directly to the video. The making of the video was so short because I made it just before I went to go to the airport. If you like the video, don’t forget to like and share if you want.

Naked without being Undressed

Terve, underios!

It is not a magic or some rocket-science to show some of your skin without taking off your clothes. Thanks to the clothing designers who have the idea to use such a fabric that makes it possible for that to happen. Yes.. I am talking about (semi) transparent or more popularly dubbed as see-through. And again.. yes… I will review a pair of T-shirt and pants that lie in this category 🙂

Transparent white T-shirt

This T-shirt is think light and made of mesh type of fabric. It is pretty transparent even in dry condition. People can see your nipples clearly all the time ;), so this shirt is totally amazing for exhibitionist. However, people don’t really care about it, but for sure it will be eye-catching.

Semi-transparent compression pants

Compression pants are commonly used for people in sports, for example in the fitness center. This semi transparent compression pants that I have is a mesh type as well, but it has some lining on the penis part so it does not show too much on that part. However, you can always remove it if you want to have more exposure on your lovely “brother” 😉

It is stretchy, but unfortunately the one that I have it a little bit too small for me. It is very hard for me to get into it and out of it. It is kinda torturing me. You can see it on my videos.

If you wear this on the gym, make sure you do not expose it to water too much, because the water might reveal what is inside. Well, I might say, water will reveal the yummy part of your lower body part. It is nice anyway. 😀

Both of the T-shirt and compression pants are available in black and white. I prefer white because it will show more and I can show you better.


Dry review

On this video, I show how the sexy transparent T-shirt wraps your body nicely and show off your nipples, making your hornier that you want to take it off. Then you can feel the tight compression pants are getting so tight that you want to take it off immediately. You are so damn horny that you can’t help yourself touching yourself, enjoying the sexy impression due to the transparent fabric. Just enjoy the video and don’t forget to tell me what you think.


Wet Video

Transparent fabric will get much more sexy and sheer as you add water on it. This video is showing how the fabric when it is wet and how it sticks on your body. It is sheer but it is still tolerable. You cannot stop touching your body and you feel that water makes your body contour visible to everybody around you.


Shower video

This will show you how the transparent fabric gets much more transparent as the water directly flows on your body. It will show your naked body without being undressed. You feel your lust increases as the water touches your body and the shirt wraps tightly your body. You cannot wait to be undressed, you will feel extremely sexy and horny at this point. Stroking your vital organ is inevitable. Everything will just make things get better, you cannot think with your head anymore. Sex desire is flowing in your blood stream. Finally, you have to take everything off and show who you really are.



Jockstraps rule!!

Hei underios!

This time I will review one of my sexy jockstrap. Unlike Addicted Jockstrap  which gives sporty impression. This jockstrap will give more naughty imagination for those who see it. It is available in 4 or 5 different colors and I have all of them.

Material: 95% modal 5% spandex. This combination gives soft and stretchy feeling, especially on the pouch part. The fabric feels so thin and light. Unfortunately after several times being worn, you can feel that the waist band and the one around your butt lose their grip quite significantly.

Design: First impression is sexy and naughty. The design can be represented by 3 words: slim, light, and minimalist. In my opinion, this kind of design doesn’t look so good in stocky big guys. For them, I would recommend more to bolder jockstrap design.

Pouch: Small and stretchy. It is so obvious that the pouch size is small. So, if you are well endowed, you might have trouble hiding your “bro” when you are excited. Small and average sized “little bro” are meant for this jockstrap. But can you imagine a well-endowed guys wearing this and get excited? Hmm.. who wouldn’t check them out.. 😉

Fun and play: Due to its stretchiness, squeezing and bouncing is inevitable 🙂 Nobody could resists doing that when you are in it. I feel somehow it could act as a replacement of a stress ball, which you can reduce your stress by playing with it. So, if you are wear this jockstrap and you see sexy but depressed person, you know what to do ;). One more thing, the horny feeling is always leveled up for the wearer.

I made 4 videos for this review for you to enjoy. The last video was when I was so excited doing this review and I decided to cool myself down under the shower and you where the direction goes ;). Well, enjoy the videos, folks!

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In the 1st video, I choose to review dark blue jockstrap because I think it looks good and matches to my skin complexion. You can see on min 00:43 that I put the strap band exactly on my ass cheek line, this is important to remember if you want to look good in a jockstrap. If you see me took a little more time facing away from the camera, it is because I was positioning my “roi” to fit perfectly into the pouch ;). The feeling when I grabbed my “roi” on min 01:03 was quite exciting for sure. Nice bounces can be see on min 01:20, can you imagine how it looks like when you are running or somebody makes yours bounce like that? 😉 hmm.. my down there is getting tense right now 🙂

For the 2nd video, I was wearing white jockstrap. I take this color because it gives semi sheer and shading look of what it is covering. Moreover, it gives strong contrast to my pubes. But I have no idea why it is quite hard to position it well on my body, probably because I have been using this several times already and the flexibility of the band is not so good anymore. To test if the jockstrap has been in correct position, you can always bounce your ass as in min 00:36.

The 3rd video shows the wet condition of the jockstrap. In this video, I am trying one shot video. It is obviously a bit harder to put your jockstrap on when it is wet because it is a bit sticky onto your skin. At min 00:27, you can see how contrast the water effect makes and it gives wilder imagination.. hmm…

The last video was made because I was so excited after all of these reviews, I consider it as a bonus video. However this video has quite long duration since I do not make it faster. In this video, I truly explored the sexy part of being an undies lover.. Grabbing my c**k underneath the soft material of the underwear complemented by a little nipple play, the feeling cannot be described by words. On min 01:12, you can see me facing away from the camera, I was opening the pouch, started grabbing my “roi” and moved it in and out of my palm followed by some jerks action. After I felt higher excitement in me, I felt that I need to cool myself down with the water, but still I cannot stand my inner lust wanting to touch my own body. On min 02:00, the water started to make my jockstrap wet, small part of it became sheer and at the same time, I felt tickling feeling down there which makes me more excited. My pubes were getting more obvious out of the sides of the pouch. After it was wet, you can see me trying to get rid of the water on min 03:11. What I did made my “roi” more visible as the air in the jockstrap was going out asI drained out the water by squeezing the pouch. As I got more excited, I decided to again cool down myself with a little bit colder water. Can you guess what is next? 😉 Of course, relieving myself out of the camera.


White Brave Person

Moikka underios!

It has been so long since the last time I updated my blog. It has been a very busy time for me in addition to my camera problem.

This time I will review brave person underwear white color. Below are some facts about this underwear you have to know:

Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. It grabs your waist so comfortably and makes you feel sexier. However, when you wear this underwear, you may find it quite slippery while sitting. It stretches nicely. Never use it for oil wrestling purpose because it will destroy the underwear (I have used one of my brave person underwear collections for oil wrestling though).

Sport: When you are doing cycling or any sports where you have to sit, it may not be so comfortable because it is slippery. It may give you more motivation for doing workout.

Sex: It makes both you and your partner hornier especially during soft touch and bulge grabbing activities 😉

I made four videos to show you the real experience of wearing this underwear. The videos include sport, dry underwear, wet underwear, and when I was relaxing. Enjoy.

The last video was removed by youtube, but you can watch by clicking this link -> recovered video

Just wear and let the H2O do the rest! (2wink)

Morjens underios!

Two months ago, I decided to add my collection since there were many last year sale from lots of underwear/swimwear companies. I was interested in Aussiebum due to its great discount sale. Unfortunately, when I sent them some inquiries about the products two times, there was not any single reply. And on twitter, they gave only some bullshit answer. At the end, I decided to order a swimwear from 2wink. It is an Australian company as well. Finally last month, I got this very nice swimwear and I am so grateful that I chose this swimwear instead of the one offered by Aussiebum.

Why 2wink H2O?

It has been so long that I am interested specially in 2wink H2O. It overcomes the problem of “overexposure” in other “exhibitionist” swimwears. You can notice that the semi sheer fabric is only on the front part, but the rear part is left in solid. However the rear part has an amazing design to flatter your butt. Furthermore, this swimwear has a low rise model, giving a sexy lusty look when you wear it.

Dry vs Wet

The main feature of this swimwear is the dry-wet sheerness transformation. Once the swimwear is exposed to the water, the front fabric will fill the air gap between your skin and itself resulting, the wild imagination of the people around you. When you swim then you get out from the pool, this swimwear will wrap your downthere nicely and tightly. Believe me, it looks awesomely sexy.. 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Difference with other semi sheer swimwears

There are many nice semi sheer swimwears out there, for example from WildmanT and Aussiebum, but all of them have also revealing rear part. This might not be a problem in some public swimming pool, but many of the swimming pool will ban you from wearing this kind of swimwear. On the other hand, 2wink H2O will keep it moderate and classic on the back, but surprising on the front. For this reason, I am sure you will not be kicked out from any swimming pool.

Another plus

Not only all the great things I mentioned above, this swimwear has a unique design to accentuate your downthere. It does not have penis pouch as the others have, but with its own creative design, it keeps the design simple, but you can somehow put your balls on that “acting like pouch” part.

Color choice

2wink gives two color options of H2O, which is ferrari red and black. I chose ferrari red since some of my friends told me that this color fits me and looks so sexy. However, black is also nice and will give down-to-earth macho impression 😉

Those above videos were recorded indoor. I tried to make a video on the swimming pool, but unfortunately my camera is not waterproof and due to the humidity in the swimming pool my camera got short circuited and broken 😦 So there will be no update on this blog until I have a brand new camera. 😦 Ohh.. I am so sad now..

Anyway.. please enjoy..!

The taste of The Wet Aussie…

Moi underios

Christmas is coming soon. I have to prepare some parties for Christmas and new year on my new home. So I might not be able to update my blog so often these days.

Aussiebum is well-known of its nice brand and quality. I bought this nice swimwear long time ago and I still like it so much. This is Wonderjock Loose 1.5. I remember the first time I wore this swimwear was at the swimming pool in Indonesia. As a result, many men were checking me out and followed me to the shower room. 😉

I like this swimwear, especially its loose model, giving the sexy impression of being easily taken off by the wave of swimming pool or sea. I bet many men wish that it will be dropped off once you are in the water leaving you stark naked showing your sexy bum.. hmmm… what an imagination!

The penis pouch of this swimwear is great because it does flaunt your asset well. One tips for you that you can manage how loose you tie the string, so it gives different level of erotic-ness. Personally, I prefer quite low front side, so it can give a little peek to men.

The back side is astonishingly awesome. The best feature of this swimwear is the small (1.5) side band. And when it is wet, it makes you look even yummier.

For this review, I made a video of dry and wet swimwear. I hope you can imagine yourself in it and decide if this swimwear is the right one for you.